Density Analysis

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Mapping density allows the GIS user to analyse data features based on a measuring unit of the area. This function allows the user to measure geographical data such as fires, commercial locations, birding habitat, customer location, basically any point data.
The aim is to identify patterns or trends within the data which enables us/client to make management decisions based on your analysis. This method is highly efficient in management strategies or target marketing where focus is given to specific know locations.

Density analysis can be done using sample points or attributes combined with the sample points.

Points Collection

Total Fires Analysis

With limited resources to combat fires a manager has to focus on a "hot spot''. Data analysis can identify high activity areas which requires managment attention.

Day Fires Analysis

Night Fires Analysis

The data can be divide according to its time properties. This analysis produces two different time frames, one day and the other night. From this analysis its clear that fire combat plans can be strategically planned for day and night-time.